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Byers Trucking has been a family owned business since 1962 and employs three generations at the corporate office in Wampum, PA.

We operate around 30 trucks and over 130 trailers and specialized pieces of equipment to handle ANY type of hauling needs you have – in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Your load's timely delivery is of the utmost importance to us!

We can also provide both indoor and outdoor storage for your loads or equipment.

See more about just a few of our specialized projects we’ve completed here

Ranked 45th in the nation for heavy haul services
We have our own certified escorts
All permits researched and aquired
Personalized Service


  • Coils
  • Beams
  • Slabs
  • Hot Pots
  • Charging Ladles


  • Process Skids
  • Silos
  • Flare Tips
  • Pipe
  • Breakers
  • Gas Wells


  • Beams
  • Walls
  • Buildings
  • Bridge trestles
  • Beam girders
  • Overhead bridge cranes

Heavy Haul

Byers Heavy Haul is capable of hauling just about any over-sized load you have. With safety first in mind, we have hauled loads ranging up to 350,000 pounds, 160’ long, 32’ wide and 21’ tall.

Byers has been trusted by NASA, state, and local governments, as well as universities and Fortune 500 companies - just to name a few industries - to secure and carry their cargo across the United States.

We have a full-time professional fleet of trucks and drivers, mechanics and escorts, as well as friendly office staff, to offer you personalized customer service you won’t get anywhere else.

Flatbed Trucking

Byers employs a fleet of flatbeds, including standard flatbeds, drop decks, double drops, and conestoga trailers. With over 50 years of experience, our drivers are qualified to carry your load anywhere in the United States and Canada.

With permit experts on-staff, we will research and provide any permits, escort vehicles, and patrol vehicles required to move your load safely.

Project Cargo

Byers has over 50 years’ experience in logistical route planning, execution, and delivery coordination to ensure that your project cargo gets picked up and delivered on time. We provide cargo analysis, as well as asset tracking during the move, so you can rest easy knowing exactly where your load is.


Byers Heavy Haul has ample storage – both indoor and outdoor – available to accommodate and store your cargo or equipment. We have overhead cranes, forklifts, and other equipment required to maneuver and handle virtually any load. Our experienced operators are here to handle your cargo with care.

We have a fleet of vehicles and specialized heavy haul trailers, flat beds, step decks, drop decks, and cranes. Scroll through to see a few of our vehicles and equipment.

Heavy Weight Step Deck

  • 115,000 lbs in states with a 20,000 lbs. per axle limit
  • 140,000 lbs in states with a 25,000 lbs. per axle limit

8 Axle Perimeter Trailer

  • 90' of deck for four units
  • opens to 13' inside

Standard 3 Axle RGN

  • deck heights between 6 to 20 inches
  • 90,000 lbs.

13 axle perimeter trailer

  • 90' of deck for 3 units, opens to 15' wide in well
  • 13 axle flat deck with 65' and 36' of deck
  • up to 170,000 lbs depending upon state laws

19 Axle Flat Deck

  • 40', 36', 27'
  • up to 150 tons depending upon state laws

World Trade Center Reconstruction Beams
Post 9/11, Byers moved the largest and heaviest beam from Arkansas to the World Trade Center Site for the reconstruction.

Notre Dame Stadium Expansion Project
Byers Heavy Haul has been involved in hauling superloads for the Notre Dame stadium expansion project and has helped move over 30 loads 32’ wide. We also assisted in hauling in trusses for the new box seating area.

Built a Bridge over a Bridge for OH DOT

Coming Soon!!

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Drive for us

We are always looking for new and experienced drivers, escorts, and mechanics!

At Byers, employees are greeted to the comradery of a family atmosphere where safety comes first.

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